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Get free online stock trading tips to help increase your investment gains and profits. Plus check out our free newsletter with the latest trends and gainers. We provide online investment tools for asset allocation and stock picks with lots of research data to help with your investment decisions. Company profiles, major financial ratios, 52 week highs, historical prices, comprehensive research and comparison charts. We also provide lists of penny stocks, companies that outperformed the S&P 500 Index and companies that are currently buying back a high percentage of their own stock. Penny stock picks at

Simplystocks is designed to to help serious investors sift through the available data and select the information they need to make well-informed, comprehensive, and successful investment decisions. Each of these tools consists of several components any of which can be directly accessed at any time.

Since our inception, the founders and the team of employees have been focused on using cutting edge technology, highly skilled and trained staff and outstanding customer care to bring a fresh approach to the financial information supply business. We are committed to offering our clients high quality, timely and accurate research and data with quality client service at highly competitive rates. Our seasoned team of account managers provides you with continual support. By assigning each client a dedicated account manager, we are able to provide you with individual attention and quick response.

We are a client-directed company providing leading financial institutions, fund managers, banks, corporations, brokerage firms, financial planners, individual investors and academic institutions with the mission-critical investment information that is required to make comprehensive and successful investment decisions. We are proud to be an emerging innovative leader in combining financial data with easy-to-use analytical tools, that equate functionality with the latest technology.

Each of our clients has unique needs and requirements. Simplystocks team of highly trained web authors, programmers and consultants are here to produce a solution that fits your needs. Simplystocks has the technology and expertise to deliver financial content in the manner and format you need be it the creation of a custom hosted solution or data feed integration. Customers who rely on Internet based financial services, demand reliability and immediate access. That's why Simplystocks has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In order to maintain such a high standard, Simplystocks utilizes a top-quality production facility that incorporates a round-the-clock systems management by trained personnel, multiple redundant systems such as multiple fire trunks to each data center, and fully redundant power on the premises backed by several back-up generators.

Features Include:
Powerful, easy-to-use tool to download financial data, ratios, share prices, anytime you require the data for your analysis.
Ability to screen and perform due diligence on the most current investment opportunities using the latest data.

Simplystocks, a leading fundamental information provider, offers access to the most timely, accurate and comprehensive company information. Information available includes as reported and standardized data from: Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements. This is a powerful tool that allows you to view standardized data or as reported data and original Edgar filing source documents. Asreported data is ideal for quantitative analysis. This information is more useful to university students and academicians as their study is based on past data and how the company performed. Financial analysts who study past performances to predict the future performance of a company will also find a use for asreported data. Standardized data is useful to financial analysts to project future growth of the company. It is useful in calculating ratios as well as comparing the inter-company performance. Since data items are standardized it is easy for comparison. Get standardized data and with the click of a mouse check the non-standardized (as reported) data. Double click any number in the non-standardized financial table. You will be taken to the original annual or quarterly report filed by the company in Edgar.

FINANCIAL RATIOS: Simplystocks computes a number of standard financial ratios used by financial analysts, money managers and others to determine the profitability and financial health of a company. Analysts use financial ratios, to assess the earnings quality, profitability and future growth prospects of companies they cover. Common financial ratios are calculated and ready for use. Simplystocks also provides an option to the user to define and calculate ratios based on individual criteria and requirements. All the data item variables are given easy to remember mnemonic names, so it is easy to create your own formulas based on the data item variables. Investors can make wise investment decisions by checking a company's financial health, based on ratio analysis. It is pertinent to point out that, none of these ratios by themselves indicate that a company is either a good or a poor investment. Year to year comparison of a company's ratios, along with inter company comparisons in the same industry, are required to get a complete picture.

Simplystocks provides extensive company descriptive information and key ratios & statistics. Get the latest key ratios, statistics and non-financial details that include company name and address, a direct link to company website, the number of employees and institutional holdings. A brief business description of the company is provided to help the user understand the business of the company. Latest share price, 52 week high and low prices, Volume traded, market value, share price changes are also available.

Simplystocks provides industry averages which makes it easy to compare a company’s performance to the industry as a whole. Comparison with the Industry average indicates the standing of the company to the industry. Company performance can be compared with the general performance of the industry. If the company performance is in consistence with the rest of the companies in the industry then there is no cause for concern. How do we calculate Industry Averages? First we build the Industry composite statements for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Industry composite statements are calculated by summing the individual values for each date item for all companies in that industry. Next, we calculate the ratios for each Industry. In case of all per share ratios, like Price to earnings ratio, we take the market cap of the industry in place of share price and earnings of the industry in place of EPS.

Simplystocks provides list of companies that have announced stock splits and stock dividends as well as a calendar of upcoming stock splits. Find out which stocks are splitting, the split ratio, date announced, and date payable. The company name and ticker the stocks split ratio and the date on which the split is to be effected etc., is available up to 4 months prior to the actual split.

Simplystocks provides information on stock options given to employees. Data is collected from annual reports published by the company. Details of stock options exercisable and outstanding at end of fiscal year are available. Data available is for latest 5 years for S&P 500 companies.

Simplystocks provides information on insider holdings and ownership in excess of 5% of stock in the company. Names of insiders and beneficial owners holding more than 5% of stock in the company, details of stock and options held and percentage holding is disclosed.

Quality of data is the most essential criteria for accurate financial analysis. We owe it to you to provide financial data of the highest quality. Be it in-depth financial information on publicly traded companies in the U.S. or financial ratios, share price data or executive summary, our commitment to maintaining high quality remains unsurpassable. A team of highly trained staff who meticulously go through the EDGAR filings to ensure we have a superior database does the data collection. Simplystocks has created a name in reliability, in a short time, and is ready to take on the challenge of companies with long term standing.


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