Blake Johnson of Johnson Livingston, PLLC Awarded $4.8 Million in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case

Johnson and his co-counsel filed a complaint in the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake City County, Utah, on May 1, 2015. Their clients were a young married couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. The wife was thirty-five weeks pregnant when they checked into a hotel room next to the hotel’s boiler room. Carbon monoxide leaked into the couple’s hotel room, causing the couple to incur carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Plaintiffs sustained permanent brain damage, including “memory and word-finding difficulties, noise intolerance, anxiety, and depression.” Sadly, the effects of carbon monoxide also complicated the birth of the couple’s child.

Attorney Johnson and his team obtained $4.8 Million on behalf of their clients before entering into a final confidential settlement agreement. As a result of Johnson’s work, the Plaintiffs can pay for their future medical bills and the hotel was held accountable. The hotel made numerous updates to their property to ensure this type of incident does not happen to others in the future.

On the How David Beats Goliath Podcast with Michael J. Swanson, Blake Johnson stated about the case, “There’s a whole slew of problems that come with a brain injury and credit to this couple because it’s not been an easy road but they’ve stuck at it together. They’re still together and it’s required a lot of therapy and help from professionals but they’re still fighting.”

To listen to Blake Johnson’s episode of the How David Beats Goliath Podcast, click here. 

Johnson Livingston, PLLC “specializes in 100% personal injury.” Their cases include motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, premise and product liability, dog bites, and other types of injuries. 

Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud of the partnership they have with Blake Johnson, Todd Livingston, and their team at Johnson Livingston, PLLC, and to be a part of the great work they do every day for their clients and their community.

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