CenterFrame: Film Industry Start-up Offering a New Way to Fund and Develop Films

LONDON–()–CenterFrame has been created to help storytellers realize their projects by providing a different way to get them developed and funded, with the support of an active community of writers, directors, and producers.

This new members’ club offers filmmakers a place to network, collaborate, and possibly finance their projects – by creating a community, and together develop and fund each others’ projects.

Although new TV and film content is now more sought after than ever, it is still crushingly difficult to get a new project off the ground. This unique start-up aims to bring storytellers together in a club with a wide range of benefits which range from networking and collaboration to launching a fully funded production, entirely paid for by the CenterFrame community.

At CenterFrame, members will be able to network at virtual and physical events, collaborate by giving feedback on or joining each others’ projects, and ultimately vote on which projects to fund. CenterFrame will also create a video channel where members can watch films, pilots, and trailers created by fellow members, and other teaching and narrative content selected and produced exclusively for the CenterFrame community.

CenterFrame was created by Bernhard Pucher, Nathan Haines, and Luiz Villar, three film school friends who’ve been working in the industry for over a decade, and believe there needs to be another way to get indie films and TV made.

As a filmmaker, CenterFrame is an incredibly exciting idea,” says Bernhard. “Until now all the risk, effort, and expense of developing a project would rest on individual filmmakers or on a production company. With this club it will be possible to develop it with the help of an entire community, and possibly fund it. It’s completely unique: it reduces the financial risks of developing new ideas while building a truly global creative network. I can’t wait to see this in full swing.

CenterFrame is a members club for writers, directors and producers from around the world. The goal is to create an environment where filmmakers can develop their projects together, fund them, and help get them in front of audiences. Their pledge is out for the filmmaking community to participate in the journey of building the club.

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