EnerCorp Engineered Solutions Announces the Launch of Pioneering eFlowback Technology, developed in Collaboration with bpx energy

“The launch of eFlowback is a major milestone in our industry, enabling us to achieve our safety, environmental, and efficiency objectives,” says Chris Walker, Facilities Engineer at bpx energy. He notes, “As a result of the early success we have achieved together on this project, bpx energy made a strategic commitment through the end of 2022 to utilize EnerCorp’s eFlowback technology.”

bpx energy’s collaboration with EnerCorp on system requirements, prototype field trials, and thorough risk assessments was invaluable. “Their focus on reducing safety risks by minimizing human exposure during the flowback process drove our team to ensure risks were engineered out from becoming significant process control concerns,” says James Pung, CEO at EnerCorp. “In addition to safety, we were focused on reducing emissions by minimizing truck traffic and monitoring site operating parameters and equipment conditions with cloud-based technology.”

eFlowback enables the entire job site to run autonomously, significantly reducing the need for personnel on site. Through the Automated Control Unit, operators can carefully monitor the full ecosystem, which begins with a Sahara Advanced Cyclone — EnerCorp’s industry-leading sand separation technology. The eFlowback ecosystem also includes an Automated Choke Manifold, up to four Automated Blowdown Units, and a Sand Quantification Unit with a Tank Level Monitoring System. All of this equipment can be remotely monitored and controlled with highly secure cloud-based software and an intuitive graphical user interface. 

“The linchpin of eFlowback is the Sahara Advanced Cyclone. Without a 98.5%+ sand capture efficiency, it would not be possible to automate the entire flowback process,” says Mark Freeman, President at EnerCorp. “With the Sahara in place, EnerCorp enables operators like bpx energy to lower their flowback costs with automation, optimize decision making through access to real-time well production and operating information, and optimize well performance.”

“We’re seeing lower flowback costs, safer operations, and the potential to further optimize our well performance with eFlowback,” says Chris Wilson, Head of Permian Operations at bpx energy. “Additionally, eFlowback is enabling us to further reduce our emissions and continue to lead the industry in ESG performance.”

To learn more about eFlowback, visit www.enercorp.net.

About EnerCorp

EnerCorp is the leading provider of sand management products and technologies for the oil and gas industry. EnerCorp designs, engineers, manufactures, sells, rents, and services total sand control solutions for both completion and production applications. Learn more at www.enercorp.net

About bpx energy
bp’s U.S. onshore oil and gas business — known as bpx energy – operates world-class assets located in the Permian-Delaware and Eagle Ford basins in Texas, and the Haynesville basin in Texas and Louisiana.


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