Human Wealth™ Welcomed into University of Connecticut’s Technology Incubator Program

IRVINE, Calif., July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Human Wealth was recently awarded a coveted spot in the University of Connecticut’s Technology Incubator Program following an in-depth application process. The program offers world-class research resources and business support services to emerging brands who are transforming their industries through innovative systems and philosophies. As one of the top research universities in the nation, UConn is known for their robust innovation pipeline, which addresses real-world challenges in order to reveal the solutions of tomorrow. Human Wealth’s™ goal by collaborating with this program is to further enhance their proprietary wealth management systems so they can deliver the most scientifically sound results for clients. As an organization, Human Wealth believes in intentional innovation and is committed to partnerships like this which will help elevate their program and drive real change in the financial planning industry and in human kind. Learn more about Human Wealth HERE.

“Our team looks forward to developing the next level of Human Wealth planning through embracing the tools and resources that will elevate the systems’ offering.” –David Coles, President , Human Wealth

About Human Wealth:

The Human Wealth Modality consists of four phases: Discover Wellbeing, Explore Resources, Design Systems, and Implement Plan. The proprietary approach was developed by Ryan Coles (Chief Science Officer), Evan Coles (Chief Design Officer), and David Coles (President) to help wealth advisors bridge the gap between a client’s subjective experience of life and the resources they have. By moving through the four phases annually, advisors can ensure that their clientele are supported by financial systems that are meaningful, sustainable, feasible, and integrated into their lives. Human Wealth plans are effective in supporting a well-lived life, using a scientifically designed system that produces results uncommon in the industry through tools that effectively track progress throughout a client’s life journey.

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