Katonah Capital Partners Management LLC and Emil van Essen LLC Announce Merger

CHICAGO–()–Katonah Capital Partners Management LLC and Emil van Essen LLC to combine.

The new company, Katonah EvE LLC, will merge two CTA’s with a history of generating non-correlated alpha using different strategies.

Katonah EvE creates an exciting synergy in uniting EvE’s innovative strategies for generating alpha with Katonah’s strong research and machine learning expertise. The merger will allow for significant efficiencies in back-office, sales, and operational infrastructures.

Alex Loureiro of Katonah Capital stated, “We have been looking to organically grow our firm with a well-established manager to complement our research process, EvE is a natural fit. We approach the market with a different lens but agree on a robust and rigorous research philosophy.”

According to Emil van Essen, “Our collaboration has already generated promising new ideas and a more efficient research process. We are very enthusiastic about the future of Katonah EvE.”

The company will be headquartered in Chicago, IL. Research and operational integration will be incremental in the coming weeks, while the firm plans to roll out a new Digital Asset Portfolio by Q4 2021.

Emil van Essen, LLC is a Chicago based commodity trading advisor and digital asset specialist managing systematic and discretionary trading strategies that have a low to negative correlation with other alternative investment funds.

Katonah Capital Partners Management, LLC is a global systematic futures manager incorporating a unique approach of machine learning. The KCP system has models covering the four major asset classes (Equities, Forex, Fixed Income, and Commodities) and the ML process evolves with changing markets and economic conditions.

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