Mikaya Heart is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

PAHOA, Hawaii, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mikaya Heart is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Spiritual Coach and Author for her decades of inspirational work in the field of Life Coaching.   

Described as “an agent for change,” she is a spiritual mentor dedicated to helping clients learn to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. She teaches the art of being fully alive, which is about allowing life-force energy to move freely through the body and establishing a very direct connection with the Soul. That, in turn, facilitates the development of a broad perspective on life and an understanding of the true nature of reality.

Growing up in Scotland, Ms. Heart fell in love with nature at a young age. Her connection with nature guided her through a rough childhood, which taught her a great deal about the right use of power and led her to seek a deeper understanding of truth. She has a vast range of life experiences, including being a waitress, factory worker, Minister of Holistic Healing, political activist, anarchist, kitesurfing instructor, sexpert, public speaker, and organic farmer/gardener. In her late teens, she studied Biology at York University, but dropped out when she learned about the detrimental effects of pollution, and has worked ever since to model positive change on the planet.

Over twenty years of traveling worldwide, she has gained a depth of awareness which helps her to connect with all kinds of people. She uses that awareness now to facilitate positive energetic shifts in her clients. Studying the studied the work of Angeles Arrien helped her understand that there are many realms of existence beyond this planet. With over 35 years of experience, Ms. Heart is a renowned public speaker, regularly offering workshops on topics like “Transforming Fear, Embracing Trust,” and “Expanding Awareness: Being the Light that You Are.” She is well-known for her integrity, her commitment to the empowerment of others, and her ability to stand in her own power with gentleness and humility.

Ms. Heart is the award-winning author of the memoir My Sweet Wild Dance, which won a Golden Literary Award; With the Sun in My Eyes: The True Story of Maria Raindancer; Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body; and When the Earth Moves: Women and Orgasm.  A volume of short stories about her travels, A Different Rhythm, has just been released in 2021. She has written articles on many subjects, from how to tap into free sources of energy that can power our homes, to the importance of embracing the truth of who you are.

In her spare time, she enjoys kitesurfing and horse riding.

For more information, visit http://www.mikayaheart.org.

Contact: Katherine Green , 516-825-5634 [email protected]

SOURCE Continental Who’s Who

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