New Android app gives access to postal mail remotely

People across the globe and businesses of all sizes use Earth Class Mail’s network of over 80 virtual addresses across the United States to manage their mail remotely.

Earth Class Mail receives the mail on users’ behalf. Then, technicians sort, scan, and upload the mail at its secure processing facility.  Users can manage their mail from anywhere.

“The app truly makes my work a lot easier and accessible. I can say that Earth Class Mail is more than virtual mail — this allows me to take quick actions on my mail, no matter what part of the world I’m in,” customer Athaher Basha said. “Now I don’t need to visit the website to manage my mail or my account.”

Earth Class Mail launched an iOS app in 2019. Since then, customers have accessed their mail in more than 170 countries around the world.

“With the increase in remote work and travel, the new Android app will make it more convenient for all of our users to access their mail wherever they are, without having to be near their mailbox, their computer, or even the same country as their mail,” Earth Class Mail CEO Fergus Burns said.

To use the app, customers must have an Earth Class Mail account. Individual plans start at $19 a month and scale to include mailroom automation plans for large remote businesses.

Earth Class Mail is the leading virtual mailbox and virtual address provider in the U.S. Since 2004, the company has scanned more than 10 million pieces of mail and deposited over $1 billion in checks. Customers around the world and businesses from startups to large corporations, including  Zapier, Coinbase, and Lyft, use Earth Class Mail to access their postal mail online, from anywhere. Learn more at

SOURCE Earth Class Mail

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