OEM’s Solution to Operational Challenges: How Metal ID Plates Offer Reliable and Critical Communication

ID plates serve a number of important functions, such as relaying operational instructions that promote a safe environment; purchase and requisition; and identifying equipment to ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance.

But not all ID plates are equally effective, and metal ID plates have been shown to be superior for several reasons. First, they are durable and particularly suited for harsh environments, where they may be exposed to heat and vibrations. And these versatile pieces attach securely and lend themselves to easy customization.

“In typical situations, metal ID plates will last many years. We work with our customers to assure the plates withstand extreme conditions for an extended period of time,” LaFleur says. “Our goal is excellent customer service and creative execution.”

In today’s economy, it’s vital for every company to focus on the bottom line, and OEMs strive to offer reliable equipment that supports a production line and in turn an organization as a whole. That’s where a small thing, like a metal ID plate, can make a big difference in conveying the important information that keeps an operation working safely at peak capacity.

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