StrongMind Announces Release of Innovative K-5 Solution for Hybrid, Virtual, and Remote Learning

For K-1 students, the StrongMind solution uses a unique carousel-style interface with short blocks of text or media to capture and maintain attention. Young learners are also supported with read-along storybooks to reinforce reading skills and fluency.

StrongMind equips teachers with robust resource guides, providing the supports needed to instruct students in hybrid, blended, or virtual learning models. Additionally, teachers can easily tailor learning by customizing discussion questions, modifying sequence control, adding content, and adjusting settings for how students progress through courses. Teachers can view snapshot reports of the whole-class, groups, or individual students with real-time data and actionable insights. They also have a comprehensive view of formative and summative assessment data, including item analysis.

As a unique added benefit, StrongMind has several resources to support parents, families, and learning coaches as students work through K-5 courses. Resources include printable materials, extension and enrichment activities, materials lists, and additional guidance for coaching and online learning.

“From the outset, we designed the StrondMind K-5 curriculum with the end-users in mind, which includes teachers but also parents and students,” says Chief Academic Officer, Yovhane Metcalfe. “By working closely with parents to gather feedback and observing students as they interact with courses, we were able to create a user-driven experience that is supported by research- based best practices and aligned to state standards.”

StrongMinded K-5 courses are compatible with any instructional model – virtual, hybrid, or blended – ensuring continuity of learning across grade bands or as models change. To learn more about StrongMind K-5 courses, visit

About StrongMind
StrongMind partners with schools and districts to develop forward-thinking solutions that address unique school challenges. With a consultative approach, engaging digital curriculum, a suite of edtech tools, a range of services, and clear insights, we maximize student achievement and help schools thrive. A recent recipient of multiple Digital Promise Research-Design certifications and winner of more than 60 awards, StrongMind innovates into the future of education. To learn more, visit

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Corporate Communications Director
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