Thomasino Media LLC will be investing in the Uptown Minneapolis Community with a Theatrical Event performed by Kristen Thomasino, CEO, at the historic, Granada Theater

Kristen Thomasino will play 4+ Theatrical Characters to Teach About Her Unique Life Experiences as a Data Scientist and the various roles she has played to achieve big results for Americans to help drive success in creating Peace and Prosperity. Register for the show at

She has an active Social Good campaign focused on Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity to address current events in the world. She is an American Business woman, Data Scientist, Social Good Artist, and Entrepreneur.

In her mid-30’s she had an accident that changed her life. She overcame Full Body Weakness, learned how to manage severe Fibromyalgia & reversed her Positive Autoimmune Disease Markers to negative. She completed over 140+ weeks of focused training in a variety of environments.

Locals Free to Register to Make History with Kristen Thomasino. Advocacy is important to Kristen.  Post her recovery she has been focused on how to help others like her find success. The first step is raising awareness about the Health Conditions she suffered from and getting support from communities to take action to live your best form. She has been finalizing her collection of content that helps teach others about her adventures in healing. Her soon to be released collection includes various books, art, and a documentary series. Be part of her Documentary Series where she demonstrates her capabilities have returned and more. She will be filming her 3 Live onstage performances at the historic renovated Granada Theater in Uptown Minneapolis on August 21, 2021.

Thomasino Media LLC

Kristen Thomasino does public speaking on her experiences working with organizations regarding data science, technology, FinTech, payments, social good, automation, money, spend management, compliance, energy management, analytics, diversity, LGBTQ, equality, security, leadership, sales & marketing, real estate, property management, business operations & other topics related to her personal story of health recovery from severe Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease markers and full body weakness.  

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