TVNET /WRLD1 Announces launch of NFT1X as a TV Network NFT information resource and global community further linked to an NFT Digital Assets Exchange

SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Sassover, CEO of TVNET/WRLD1 today announced the launch of NFT1X as a TV network formatted NFT information resource/social channel further linked to an NFT Digital Assets Exchange for Digital Media collections inclusive of the underlying IP-Intellectual Property of those assets fully owned by TVNET/WRLD1 and its affiliates.

Sassover noted: “NFT1X immediately differentiates itself from the variety of art driven marketplaces in that all video content has been verifiably created and is fully owned by TVNET/WRLD1 and the conveyance to Buyers as NFT tokenized assets can also be accompanied by the underlying IP elements further validating asset ownership.”

These IP elements include domain name and web site ownership, copyrights and trademarks or pending trademarks [where applicable].

Currently the NFT portfolio comprises over 220 on air TVNetworks and 52 half hours of a live action Kids/Family TV series with further content creation in process and scaling to maintain the range provided in the initial phase of

Sassover stated: ” The NFT category of crypto has been dominated by a first wave comprised of high-profile artists and sports fandom. In reality the promise of NFTs will more enduringly be utilized for authentication and certifiable ownership within the blockchain protocols of real assets with an established history and recognition factor, enabling more diverse NFT asset categories within a broader range of industry verticals.”

NFT1X is more narrowly focused on a hybrid model conjoining a primary Marketplace for its large and extensive range of alternative Digital Assets originating as video collections /classic TV Series extending to geo centric TV networks across the 8 regions of the world.

Sassover further noted: “The intent is from inception to create a secondary market for value continuity,  liquidity and more dynamic deeper transactional commerce far beyond art, trendy memes and sports cards.

NFT1X was created to enlarge the definition and totality of asset ownership by offering tokenized NFTs inclusive of the underlying IP-Intellectual Property of the physical assets which are specifically Digital Media based domain names and on air geo centric web networks across the 8 regions of the world.

The NFT1X content thrust is provided via the added dimension of deepening asset ownership with the value enhancing inclusion of all IP-intellectual property attributable to the NFT tokenized asset ”

NFT Digital Assets Exchange
Digital Media Assets inclusive of NFT Intellectual Property ownership

NFT Digital  Assets Exchange

The enduring power of digital transformation and its tectonic effect across the continuum of innovation.

NFT1X Digital Intellectual Assets portfolio commenced aggregation in 1994.

The IP portfolio converges digital brand strategy in reimagining legacy geocentric destinations and key industry verticals worldwide within engaging and compelling web environments.


The evolution of web assets directed to a mobile netcast architecture of high profile geocentric branded TV networks and legacy destinations across 8 world regions.

Enabling primary NFT purchase and secondary trading of
domains and associated web networks and video collections.

        ■  On Air Networks

WEBRANDS             ■



Networks on Air


■NYC Metro Group   

The Network of New York

Manhattan 24/7

EU Metro Group

LATAm Metro Group

Asset Group2

Asset Group3
■Finance/ Investing / Crypto

Asset Group4

Asset Group5
■Travel /Leisure

Asset Group6
■Media Guides

Asset Group7

Asset Group8
■Lifestyle /Leisure

Asset Group9

Asset Group10
■Real Estate

Asset Group11
■Health Wellness

Asset Group12

Asset Group13

Asset Groupl14
■ Film /TV

Asset Group15

Regional News

Asset Group16
■China Metro Group

Asset Group17

Asset Group18

Asset Group19
■Sports Betting

Asset Group20

KidsNetTV/FOX Network

Asset Group21

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