What Winning in the Wine Business Looks Like

“We’re thrilled to announce the release of a completely redesigned site and shopping experience,” says Jason Seeber, the founder of Wine Spies that is known in the wine trade by his codename, ‘Agent Red’. He continues, “Since our launch in 2007, we’ve worked hard to showcase only the best wines, while delivering extraordinary customer service. Today, we’re taking that service to a whole new level. The new website makes it easier than ever to find amazing wines. It’s packed with all new features, like Instant Checkout, so you can buy wines or add them to your Wine Locker with just one click.”

The new site also includes an improved version of Wine Spies’ unique and popular “Locker” system, a first-of-its-kind convenience feature among wine retailers. While most retailers require a purchase of 6 or 12 bottles at once to get free shipping, Lockers allow Wine Spies customers to gradually build a case of wine over time, and ship for free at their convenience.

Wine Spies CEO, Addison Rex aka ‘Agent Cru’, says, “Lockers were a game changer for our customers. Lockers sit in our temperature and humidity controlled facility and ship for free on our customers’ schedule. That makes it easier to try more wines, and experiment with new ones.”

“And today we’re rolling out The Vault,” says Agent Red. “With this brand new feature you can purchase a mystery bottle from our wine Vault for just $20. That bottle could be worth $200 or more, but will never be valued lower than your purchase price, so you get a fantastic deal every time. Our system randomly and impartially selects the wine, and your Vault bottles arrive wrapped in tissue paper, like a present that you get to unwrap.”

The roll out of the new version of the website is part of Wine Spies’ multi-week ‘Next Gen Launch Party’ event, starting August 2nd, which includes the inaugural release of Wine Spies’ original wine brand ‘Enigma’, which will include an NFT auction that’s backed by 5 uniquely labeled bottles, and a two-week long string of Cellar Stocker wine sale marathon featuring a succession of unprecedented wine deals.

Wine Spies’ growth has outpaced the wine industry for the last few years and the company will continue to roll out new features that make the experience of shopping for wine online safer, more rewarding – and more fun.

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