WRLD1 / TVNET creates Film / TV viewer experiences as guides to the filmed entertainment universe with 3 new search venues for TV and films worldwide

Sassover further noted: The Film/TV search hubs now provide increased range of targeted resources and extensive global content guides coupled with the fusion of streamed and accessible multi genre film archives to the enlarging universe of streamed films and TV programs as the 3 networks on air now include:

Streemd.com | Global TV|Movie Guide

CineVue.com | Global Movie Guide

007Channel.com | The James Bond Network

The WRLD1 geocentric hubs and industry vertical networks across all TVNET categories and key industry vertical networks will continue to be resources for AI development that permit more targeted video content aggregation joined to contextual insights that may inform viewer choices in how they create their mobile and home viewing experiences.

Sassover added: “The challenges are balance and engaging search and range of content within our video display innovations and to optimize video viewing within the content ‘window’ to each local or world regional network hubs and which link to other WRLD1 destinations on the platform.”

Lauren Holt
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