WRLD1 / TVNET debuts its global music platform MUSIQK.com-The Source… a transformative network, space and embodiment of cross genre musical artists whose seminal work, inspiration and passion bridges the decades of global music-curated performances created and presented as TV programs featuring a pantheon of musical greatness and unrelenting inspiration revealing a global repertoire of musical artists and their work whose presence and worldwide impact are indelibly etched in our minds and lives

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Sassover, CEO of WRLD1 /TVNET today announced further development and increased strategic presence with the creation of additional networks within its Music networks group powered by the TVNET APTVE mobile netcast architecture and user interface driving an enlarged platform of diverse video programming.

Sassover further noted: “MUSIQK.com transcends the formula driven streamers — provide increased range of topics and content diversity coupled with the fusion of additional tech details as guides to new music worldwide.”

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